What to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer

What to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer

In today’s world of business, there’s no better way of promoting or marketing your company than by creating a superior web presence. Your website will establish and build up your clientele and provide them with a single point of contact for your business. Quality web development ensures that your website is a positive and vibrant platform to promote your business mission, brand and objectives.

Web Design VS Web Development

If you do not fully comprehend the difference between Web Development and Web Design, you are not alone. Many assume that the two are one in the same. They are not!

Web Design

Web design is the process of designing how your website looks and feels. Web design includes the creation of graphics, logos, and other advanced visual elements. Web designers create what your visitor will see, not the programming code behind it.

Web Development

Web developers build the functionality of your website. What the user does not see, but makes the site run smoothly and efficiently. Simply, web development is the programming (data processing) of your website. A web developer custom develops your site to meet the needs of your business. This may include registration systems, shopping carts, videos and other assorted tasks that might require a database.

What you will need to know when hiring a web developer

When hiring a web designer, the process must start with an in depth assessment of your specific requirements. All professional web developers know that. There are so many types of web programs and software programming, they will need time to ascertain what is best for you and your company. A senior web developer will take as much time as needed to create and verify the site’s internal architecture and structure. This will ensure that the design of your website will not only look good visually but will meet all of its needed functionalities. This entails developing your site so it is cross browser compatible and easily navigable.

That is what sets a good web developer from a great one. Taking the time to do it right and never adding content that does not have a clear purpose. A quality website should enable a visitor to locate the information they are looking for within seconds. It is what will set you apart from your competitors.

There are two things to beware of- inexperienced developers who have a reputation for fast and sloppy work and inaccessible, uncommunicative developers, who can not explain their work.

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