What to look for when hiring a Web Designer

What to look for when hiring a Web Designer

Creating a strong and productive web site has many components and when looking to hire a web designer, make sure they are well rounded and experienced in all aspects of web design. Certainly content is king, but without a visually attractive design, potential clients may not be engaged enough to read about your company and explore your site. There is a saying so often used and made famous in a film, “If you build it, they will come.” That is not true when creating a website. There are billions of them, unless your content is unique and the design is fluid, responsive and attracts consumers, they may click onto it, but they will not stay.

What do Web designers do?

A web designer is the creative designer of your web pages. They will be working with you to build a site that is well functioning and fulfills your businesses online needs. Most web designers are experts at utilizing graphics software; such as Photoshop®, and computer language such as HTML and CSS. They should have experience with all the different media programs, for adding film clips and sound to web pages. In essence, their goal is to create pages with a uniform graphic set, specific design and visually appealing details.

When looking to hire a web designer there are many web designers to choose from. For this reason hiring a web designer can become a lengthy and time consuming process. You should not only look at if the web designer is up to date with the latest technologies but also they fully understand the full dynamic of the web design industry. Though these qualities are a prerequisite for what to look for when hiring a web designer, They are not the only issues that you should examine when you decide to hire a web designer.

Tips for Hiring a Web Designer

  1. Experience- check out their previous sites.See if their previous work matches your taste and is inviting. How many years have they been doing it? Do they have references? Experience is everything in web design. You cannot afford a designer learning on your dollar.
  2. Accessibility- where are they located? So many are outsourced and in time zones that make communication very difficult. And with any creative process, communication is imperative to ensure you get the site you want. Try to find a designer near you.
  3. Business know-how- when talking to them, do they understand what you are looking to accomplish with your site? Have they built a site before that is in the same industry?
  4. Reasonable fees- how expensive are they? Or is it the opposite, do you wonder if maybe they are so inexpensive because they are not that experienced. Spending a little more on an established and qualified web designer will save you money.

Take these four tips for what to look for when hiring a web designer. A good web designer is part artist, part writer, and part computer expert. The web designers at BL Internet Solutions are all experienced, accessible, communicative and highly sophisticated. We pride ourselves on creating the most affordable and well designed sites in the business which will not only meet the needs of your company but truly exceed your expectations.

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