SEO Services

SEO Services

Are you happy with your website? Are you getting as much traffic as you hoped? If you are not, the problem and solution most probably lies with your SEO campaign. You may have a gorgeous and easily navigable website, but if no one can find you… you do not exist!

But what is SEO ?

SEO is the process utilized to optimize your website to be more friendly and visible to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With keywords and key phrases placed strategically within your web content, the search engines send researchers and shoppers right to your site. Organic search traffic is the BEST kind of traffic your site can get because it comes from people specifically searching for your services. Those are the clicks we are looking for, as they have a higher chance of turning into customers. With organic searches, your site is more likely to be ranked higher in a search than your competitors.

The SEO experts at B&L Internet Solutions do not just conduct extensive research to ensure that all the keywords and longtail phrases are written in your content. It is after we create the website copy and optimize it for the search engines that your SEO campaign really gets into gear.

Google Analytics

To manage your site properly, B&L Internet Solutions utilizes the popular site statistics monitoring software, Google Analytics. It’s a system for analysing the visitor statistics of your website. Google Analytics tracks visitors from all search engines, social networks, direct visits and referring sites. Bottom line, it guarantees that your site is getting the best results possible. If the numbers are good, then we continue with our campaign if not, we fix it.

Three Factors that are Crucial for a Successful SEO Campaign

Bottom line is the the expert SEO team at B&L Internet Solutions will manage the essential elements of your SEO campaign, allowing you to focus on what you do best, run your company.

  • Superior Content- A successful SEO strategy begins with high quality, well written content. Great content is at the core of any SEO campaign. Without it, how do you connect to your customer/client? It is what Google wants, and it is the main reason people will visit your website.
  • High Quality Links- High quality links can also be built when you have great offsite content. From article marketing, guest blogging, and off-site web articles, they all will help you build invaluable backlinks that will automatically improve your search ranking.
  • An Effective/Efficient Strategy- Creating an effective SEO campaign means having the right social media outlets in place to share your content and links. A well functioning social media strategy ensures that you will be able to share the great content you created with your users and the vast online marketplace.

If your goal is to increase your search engine rankings, website traffic, and ultimately your sales through effective search engine optimization, contact the experts at B&L Internet Solutions today for a free consultation.