SEM Services

SEM Services

Our philosophy is very simple. If your PPC and SEM campaigns are not ‘profit centers’ for your business, then there is something wrong. The B&L Internet Solutions team consults with your company thoroughly to understand your business objectives in terms of profit and revenue, and then we run your SEM campaign to better those goals. We are driven by ROI, we are driven by contribution margin- that is our mandate and mission. Your advertising dollars are never wasted with our SEM practices and procedures.

What is SEM?

Our methods regarding SEM services is what we call “holistic search engine marketing.” SEM ( search engine marketing) is the wider discipline that incorporates SEO, PPL, PPI, etc. SEM drives customers to your site from paid ads on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Google Adwords. It is also a way to get on search results quickly in the sponsored ads section, like on Facebook, as it allows for precision targeting and A/B testing abilities. Pay per click is particularly beneficial for local businesses as it enables potential customers to contact your company directly with one click.

The B&L Internet Solutions SEM Process

STEP 1: Strategic Planning

First, we listen. You know your business and we need to learn about it. We want to know your goals, your competition, what you want to focus on, your priorities, your deadlines and your bottom line- so we can improve all of it!

STEP 2: Media Plan

Next, we review and analyze keywords, searcher behaviors, geo-targeting strategies, ideal ad networks and budget allocation. Only then after a thorough analysis, do we being to make media buys.

STEP 3: Account Setup and Refinement.

Now we either set up or restructure your entire SEM account, including; billing and contact preferences, keyword structures, campaign/ad group/keyword structures and budgets and bids.

STEP 4: Consistent Optimization.

We then optimize your performance analysis and program data. We’ll utilize automated bid management, ad copy testing, continual keyword testing, bids, position, match types, landing page – everything that can affect PPC campaign performance.

STEP 5: Results Reporting.

Now, we go through all the data. We target trends, check out similar results, and report back to you exactly what the data means and and how we can fix it.


We will stay on top of your campaign by holding either quarterly, monthly or annual call or meetings. We’ll want to hear all of your feedback, ideas that may have arisen as well as get up to date on any relevant events that we need to factor in. Always with the goal to improve your campaign and if needed to expand it.

what’s included in our management ppc professional

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Submission
  • PPC Monitoring
  • PPC Cost Management
  • Campaign Improvement Modification

The objective for the B&L Internet Solution team is to create a winning SEM campaign that will increase your business by bringing paying customers to your site, while monitoring and analyzing it regularly so that your advertising dollars are well spent.