Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework. It runs on its own programming language. It has many important qualities from creating applications and pages that gather information from the web server, to talking and questioning your database. It can even render templates right out of the box. Therefore, Ruby features a routing system that is independent of the web server. The programmers at BL Internet Solutions are experts at Ruby and if your company’s site needs the qualities that Ruby provides, your site will be professionally programmed using Ruby on Rails.

Since being released as open source software in 2004, Ruby on Rails has been utilized to build some of the Internet’s most powerful websites. It achieves this by balancing innovative ideas while still remaining compliant with the standards principles that are the foundation of the internet. That is why the experts at BL Internet Solutions recommend it so highly.

Many of the companies you visit most often use Ruby programming like; Amazon, Cisco, IBM, JP Morgan, Yahoo, CNET and NASA, etc. Sites built exclusively using Ruby are some of the fastest-growing web-based companies. (For example- Scribd with 70 million readers every month and Groupon with 38.5 million subscribers in the US) They estimate that more than 200,000 websites are using Ruby on Rails.

Why is Ruby on Rails so popular?

The increasing demand for Ruby is the result of successful companies wanting the agility and speed that building applications in Rails provides. Why? The reason is quite evident. Your site will be more flexible and adaptive to the consumer, which results in higher productivity, thus company growth.

We all know that custom programming can be expensive. We also know that custom software is essential if you want to differentiate your company with professional online collection, visualization, and distribution. Another major innovation and quality of Ruby on Rails is that it makes this type of software development truly economical no matter the size of your company. With Ruby you will not be risking your precious IT dollars.

Of course having companies like Amazon, Cisco, and Yahoo utilize Ruby is a great advertisement for it as well as some of the most popular web-based companies have been built exclusively using Ruby on Rails.

The Difference Between Ruby and Java

Both are very popular open source programming languages that have much in common, starting with that they both follow some of the same object-oriented principles. Many would say that the major difference is that Ruby is used for more high tech apps used for mobile, social, and e-commerce and designed to attract a large consumer based and Java is more of a corporate-grade language. Ruby applications are web-scale and can serve many millions of users versus Java which is used more commonly for corporate-scale apps which serve hundreds of thousands of users (at the high end). Ruby on Rails also permits internal development groups that accelerates new development projects, so programmers can see the benefits of building new apps. Java does not. Another interesting comparison that programmers often point out is that the language syntax is quite different. Java has many rules while Ruby does not. A fun way to describe it is- when writing Java script programmers say it is like following the grammatical rules of a term paper while when writing Ruby script they say is more like writing text messages.

The website developers and programmers at BL Internet Solutions are all experienced, communicative and highly sophisticated. We pride ourselves in choosing and implementing the perfect programming language for each and every client. Our goal is to create the most affordable and agile sites in the business. If Ruby on Rails is right for you, we will take care of it.