PHP Development

PHP Development

PHP is a server side scripting language that allows you to dynamically generate web pages. It allows you to connect to a database to generate content, as well as to process input from a form.

The two most popular open source CMS platforms, WordPress and Joomla are both built with PHP language. One reason PHP is so effective is that it enables you to add an incredible amount of functionality to your website, such as; calculations to html and storing data and variables.

The experts at B&L Internet Solutions have programmed custom designed PHP applications for project managers, classified ad and e-Commerce shopping cart websites. Since PHP runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux, it is versatile and flexible.

PHP services we provide-

  • Develop and customize popular cms’s, such as; WordPress and Joomla
  • Fix your existing PHP pages
  • Design web forms using PHP and MySQL
  • Add custom PHP programs to your website
  • Create dynamic image galleries, forums or message boards
  • Build or enhance your shopping cart
  • Create a CMS system that allows you to edit your own website with ease.

Custom PHP projects we have built-

  • Content managers
  • Mortgage applications
  • Security Reviews & Patches
  • Online auction software
  • Real estate listing manager
  • MP3 player & song database
  • Administration panels
  • Image/Photo galleries
  • Forms & Validation

To stand out, get noticed and provide the richest experience to your customers, your site needs Web 2.0 programming tools created in languages such as PHP. B&L Internet Solutions has been using PHP to create web-based, database-driven dynamic software services for more than a decade. We use PHP4, PHP5, mysql, frameworks (CakePHP, Zend etc.) and more. Our breadth and depth of experience are unparalleled in the industry, and our long list of loyal clients continues to grow each and every year.