Microsoft .NET

.NET Development

For large and medium sized businesses, the experts at B&L Internet Solutions are well equipped to build your website and web applications utilizing the .Net framework. Simply, .Net is an object oriented language that can be used to develop both offline and online software applications. Object-oriented programming provides an increased understanding and an ease of maintenance and evolution.

Created by Microsoft, it runs on Microsoft Windows. It works hand in hand with mssql for storing data and variables. We use .net language in combination with html/css to deliver superior and sophisticated programming.

If your site or application just needs updating, we will choose a CMS that works perfectly with your already developed database. Your data will always remain secure and safe. You can be certain that if your business needs the assets and technology that a .net framework provides, the experts at B&L will develop, build and maintain your site and applications professionally, securely, and reliably.

What is .NET?

The .NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services. The .NET Framework was designed and is immensely successful in fulfilling the following objectives:

  • providing code-execution that minimizes versioning conflicts and software deployment.
  • providing code-execution that promotes secure code execution, including code created by an unknown or questionable third party.
  • providing a code-execution platform that eliminates problems caused by performance of both interpreted and scripted environments.
  • making a developer’s work consistent across diverse types of applications, from Windows-based applications to Web-based applications.
  • building all communication at or above industry standards to ensure that code based on the .NET Framework will integrate with any other code utilized.
  • providing thorough object-oriented programming whether the object code is stored and executed locally or through the internet, or executed remotely.

The Professionals at B&L Internet specialize in building and maintaining websites and web applications for businesses of all sizes. Our programmers are experts so that your site and applications run efficiently and any specific requirements needed are delivered with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.