Java Development

Java Development

Java is so often confused with JavaScript. It is something quite different. Invented by Sun MicroSystems in the 90’s, it is a powerful object oriented, concurrent and class based programming language for building software, designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It is a framework that can be built on many platforms; hardware, web applications, mobile hardware, Blueray players and more.

The B&L Internet Solutions programmers are experts in Java development. Our team of custom application developers will guide you on what platform and language is right for your business. We will integrate your applications within whatever platform is needed. We have developed hundreds of successful custom applications for our clients. Our level of experience will both save you money and time and ensure that your website is fully functioning and productive.

The Java Platform’s multiple forms:

  • “Java EE (originally J2EE) for software application development”
  • “Java ME (originally J2ME) for mobile application development”
  • “Java SE (originally J2SE) standard edition”

Benefits of Java Development

  • Automation and Flexibility
  • You can utilize any operating system, hardware, middleware.
  • It can manage low level technologies from C to C++ and to Objective-C.

A Highly Active User Base
You will be able to leverage all open source libraries and APIs.

You will have the ability to constantly change from small to medium to large business’ level of software.

Open Source
There is absolutely no cost in developing Java programming language.

The experts at B&L Internet Solutions are determined to provide state of the art programming for your website. Having experts on your side, working for you to implement the best and most practical programming for your site is imperative in today’s online marketplace. Let us analyze your business and its needs and create a unique and powerful online strategy for you. After we have built your site, we will keep improving and maintaining it, so you can be rest assured that your company’s online presence is always working at its optimal.