CRM Management

CRM Management

Sales, marketing, and managing customer relationships are the cornerstones of every business. The experts at BL Internet Solutions deliver powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software customized to exceed the needs of your business’ online presence. We also offer the two most popular CRM development solutions- Salesforce and Microsoft.

What is CRM?

Simply, customer relationship management (CRM) is a system developed to manage a company’s interaction, communication and transactions with loyal and potential clients/customers. It entails utilizing technology to automate and organize, to synchronize sales, to market effectively and to provide excellent customer service and technical support.

CRM systems measure and track your marketing campaigns over all your channels of communication, such as engine searches, email, direct mail, social media, and telephone. These systems can track responses, leads, clicks and deals.

We Develop Custom CRM Software

Our expert developers and programmers build highly sophisticated, user friendly, and scalable CRM short and long-term solutions for your company. We develop custom CRM software to manage various aspects of the your acquisition and retention cycle including, but not limited to:

  • Sales synchronization, automation, and forecasting.
  • Marketing systems integration, tracking, and automation.
  • Lead tracking, customer self-service portals, and support automation.
  • Call center integration, automation, and reporting.
  • Non-profit constituent tracking, fundraising, and membership communication.
  • Scalable cloud storage solutions or on-premise deployment.

Microsoft CRM Development

Microsoft’s CRM program is part of their software suite called Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics has a wide range of software focused on delivering the business solutions that matter most. Its customer relationship management (CRM) software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) supply excellent chain management. Microsoft’s Dynamics is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use business solutions tailored for every market and designed for every size business.

Business solutions from Microsoft Dynamics are simple yet powerful, so your company will up and running quickly, never disrupting daily work. Their user experience matches that of Microsoft Office—a tool that most probably your company uses every day. That make this software easy to use and recognizable for your and your employees.

The experts at BL Internet Solutions will tailor a CRM system that works for specifically for your company. Our ongoing maintenance and continued improvements will be critical in ensuring that Microsoft’s Dynamics work for you.

Salesforce CRM Development

Salesforce’s applications include Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Customer and Partner Communities, Service Cloud, Company Communities, Platform, Marketing Cloud and Chatter, all built to transform how your company connects, communicates and transacts with partners, customers, and employees.

Salesforce is built to drastically improve workforce productivity thereby increasing your customer’s satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce properly is complex, can be expensive and time consuming. With our many years of experience, the team at BL Internet Solutions experts deliver quality Salesforce development services cost effectively and quickly with absolutely no risk to you.. We will configure, customize and integrate the Salesforce solution that works best. Your company will be covered end to end.

The CRM experts at BL Internet Solutions have been serving companies like yours with years of dedicated expertise, extensive design and development resources to ensure a successful end product. A well functioning, professional built CRM is essential in running a smooth and efficient online business. Contact us today!